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May 23 2018


01:00 PM - 02:00 PM



Cash Flow: Tackle the Problem That Kills 82% of Failed Businesses

Cash Flow: Tackle the Problem That Kills 82% of Failed Businesses

Have you ever worried about running out of cash? Unexpected bills? Getting paid? It’s a phenomenon that most people who have never run a business have a hard time understanding: That a seemingly healthy business, even one that is both profitable and growing, can go bankrupt.

The explanation comes down to what’s known to accountants and business people as a cash flow problem. We know that the majority of small businesses fail within the first five years, but a recent study by U.S. Bank drilled down into the reasons why this occurs. In their study, they found that 82% of the time, poor cash flow management or poor understanding of cash flow contributes to the failure of a small business. That is one out of every four businesses!

6 Essential Lessons To Avoid Cash Flow Problems

Lesson 1: Wednesday, May 23rd at 1:00 PM

Lesson 2: Friday, June 1st at 1:00 PM

Lesson 3: Wednesday, June 6th at 1:00 PM

Lesson 4: Tuesday, June 12th at 1:00 PM

Lesson 5: Tuesday, June 19th at 1:00 PM

Lesson 6: Tuesday, June 26th at 1:00 PM

During these 6 lessons you will:

  • Gain hands-on practical tools and the financial skills required to develop a financial plan for success
  • Understand what it takes to create a profit plan, build transferable value, and how to manage future growth
  • Learn how to properly structure debt, communicate with your banker and successfully put together a loan proposal
  • Receive specific information on:
    • Financial statement analysis
    • Cash budgeting
    • Sustainable growth rate concepts
    • Profit planning
    • Financial gap analysis and
    • Break-even analysis

Cash flow is about planning, analyzing, and awareness. During this complimentary 6-part webinar series, Mike will teach you how to easily analyze and understand your financials, avoid cash flow issues, be aware when you have a problem, and forecast to take out the guesswork.


Agenda and Lesson Overview


Why is this important?  What is transferrable value?  How do you create it?

Date: Wednesday, May 23rd

Time: 1 PM Pacific

Length: 1 hour



Lesson 2 – Applying Ratios to Real Life

Introducing a real-life case study and understanding the dynamics of a business in motion.

Date: Friday, June 1st

Time: 1 PM Pacific

Length: 1 hour



Ratio Analysis

How to do the math, more importantly, what the results means, why you should care, and what do you do next.

Date: Wednesday, June 6th

Time: 1 PM Pacific

Length: 1 hour



Seeing the Big Picture

Taking a step back and seeing the financial impact of not taking corrective action now.

Date: Tuesday, June 12th

Time: 1 PM Pacific

Length: 1 hour



Putting It All Together

I see the results, here’s how to make the right decision, even if the decision is to sell the company.

Date: Tuesday, June 19th

Time: 1 PM Pacific

Length: 1 hour


Missed the first lessons? Watch the recordings to catch up:



Understanding the Speed of Cash

What drives cash through a business.

Date: Tuesday, June 26th

Time: 1 PM Pacific

Length: 1 hour



Special Offer

Join us for all 6 lessons live, and ebs Associates will pay for your first

90 days of Finagraph’s new CashFlowTool!

CashFlowTool.com Demo from Finagraph on Vimeo.

About the presenter

Mike Milan


Executive Vice President, Customer Success

After successfully selling his largest ground-up operation, Mike has consulted for large non-profits, small businesses, mid-size manufacturing companies, and hospitality-based businesses. His personal experience and involvement in the community combined with the technical knowledge of an MBA from Baylor University make for a powerful partnership with any business owner.


With more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in his own business ventures and an array of others, Mike has developed a formula for crafting ideas into million dollar companies. He has been a critical asset in countless start-up ventures including Pioneer Labor Services, Blazing Star Staffing, Recover, Handlebar and BSR Ventures.

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“Mike Milan was an outstanding keynote speaker, both times! I loved learning about integration opportunities for improving QB…Outstanding. The time and cost are nominal in comparison to the information and resources and networking and learning opportunity. Clearly planned well as the execution was flawless. Thank you!”

“WE WANT MORE MIKE!! What an amazing presenter, Mike was energetic, engaging, knowledgeable, and so much fun!”