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Payroll Accounting 14-Week Training Course


Learn the pillars of executing successful payroll through this introductory level course. From understanding payroll processes, to learning how to avoid penalties for improper payroll, this course will equip you with the knowledge you need to start doing payroll right.

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Course Schedule

Dates: Future class dates to be determined.
To get on the wait list for the next session of classes, or to inquire about private training opportunities, send us an email, or phone us at 503-885-0776.


Take Control of Your Payroll.

Easily manage payroll. Gain the skills to successfully handle payroll tasks common for any business.

Smoother payroll processing. Understand the requirements for processing payroll for a seamless payroll experience.

Increase your knowledge. Advance your accounting and payroll knowledge, and expertise to better serve your business.

Gain important insights. Accurately compute employee earnings, withholdings, and employer payroll taxes.

Avoid penalties. Clearly understand the regulations for maintaining personnel records to circumvent mistakes and penalties.

Know payroll laws. Gain the understanding of current laws and regulations, and how they affect your payroll.

Empower your career. Become an indispensable asset to your employer, your company, or your clients.

Empowering Business Success

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