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QuickBooks Premier Accountant

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Save time, increase your value-add.

Working with your clients just got a lot easier. QuickBooks Accountant 2018 is specifically designed for the needs of accountants and QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Stay organized, keep up with your clients, and communicate with ease.

With QuickBooks Accountant 2018, seamlessly manage your client relationships with one simple login, collaboration tools, and streamlined tax prep integration.

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Product Highlights

Work Smarter

One single login. Manage your workflow by tracking projects all in one place, from start to finish. Securely share documents, and seamlessly communicate with your clients to meet deadlines within QuickBooks Online Accountant. Better serve your diverse client-base including Schedule-C clients and small businesses with a simplified, consolidated, intuitive dashboard.

Workflow Work Tab. Streamline your workflow and communication with clients utilize the new Work Tab. Maintain accuracy and organization, meet your deadlines, and track work across all service offerings. Stay up-to-date with your clients with consolidated client lists at your fingertips. Quickly send messages, share documents, and securely track inquiries from a single, uncomplicated dashboard.

Streamline Your Tax Prep

ProConnect Tax Online integration with QuickBooks Online Accountant. Make the transition to tax season a smooth one by using Trial Balance to eliminate errors, a comprehensive selection of over 5,600 forms and tax returns, and cloud capabilities to ensure security and flexibility.

Grow Your Business

The ProAdvisor network. Utilize your powerful peer group of ProAdvisors to grow your business, expand your knowledge, and improve your practice. The QuickBooks ProAdvisor network provides free training resources, a comprehensive ProAdvisor directory, and unlimited technical support from QuickBooks experts.

Key Features

  • Designed for professionals supporting multiple QuickBooks clients
  • Get instant access to all QuickBooks editions in one software package1
  • Save time by working in different company files at the same time
  • Write-off hundreds of invoices instead of one at a time
  • Enter 100+ bills or invoices on one screen, or bring transactions from Excel in seconds

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1 User, 3 Users, 5 Users, 10 Users, 100 Users

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