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Advanced Pricing

Control, Customize, Automate

Advanced Pricing for QuickBooks® Enterprise.

Gain control over your pricing data with advanced pricing for QuickBooks Enterprise.

More control over your pricing data, better bottom line results.

Exclusively for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, Advanced Pricing lets you control, customize, and automate your pricing strategy, right within QuickBooks. Save time and boost revenue. Manual updates are no longer necessary through automation capabilities that flow through to your bottom line. As an Elite QuickBooks Solution Provider, our team of experts in everything QuickBooks is here to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to purchasing your accounting software.

You can be assured of top tier service, thanks to our team of certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisors - for ALL QuickBooks Products: QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Quickbooks Enterprise, and QuickBooks Point of Sale

Elevate Your Business With Advanced Pricing

Primary Features.

Gain increased control over customizing your own advanced price rules, and apply them to different types of customers, vendors, or items. With greater flexibility in managing your advanced price rules, you’ll be able to edit rules in a timely manner for relevant transactions.

Rule Editor.

Maximize Advanced Pricing with the ability to set specific conditions for your price rules. The Rule Editor allows you to utilize the drop-down menu to do so.

rule editor
quantity discounts

Quantity Discounts.

When certain discounts become prevalent during specific times throughout the year, you have the ability to set these discounted items based on the exact desired quantities.

Manufacturer Markdowns.

Implement smart conditions for manufacturer markdowns when they occur. With Advanced Pricing, you’ll be able to set the specific conditions and date ranges that apply to each markdown.

manufacturer markdown
schedule promotions

Scheduled Promotions.

Get ahead of promotions by planning them in advance with set start and end dates.

Class-driven Price Changing.

Set and change price rules based on specific classes to better meet your business needs.

item prices
view rule editor

Price Rule Editing.

Once you develop your own customized price rules, Advanced Pricing goes one step further and allows you to quickly and efficiently change rules based on your specific needs.

Mark Rules as Exclusive.

Maintain exclusive price rules by simply checking a box to avoid price rules from intermixing.

exclusive rule

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Full Service Plans to Maximize Your QuickBooks Solution

Product Upgrades

Receive automated updates on new versions of all products, immediately upon release.

Full Technical Support

Access to unlimited technical support from a full-service U.S. based team of experts in QuickBooks .

Data Recovery

Receive the benefit of full data recovery if your hard drive crashes, or passwords are lost.

Online Backups

Protect your financial data with online data backup services.

Everything Enterprise

Download product updates, upgrade your QuickBooks, and access training videos and learning resources.

Learning & Training

Gain access to interactive training tools and learning resources to help you maximize your QuickBooks.

Your Team of Experts in QuickBooks is Here For You


The Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider program includes only the top business professionals who are qualified in meeting their customer’s diverse needs by selling a variety of Intuit products and services to deliver complete business solutions. Additionally, thanks to our loyal customers and partners, ebs Associates has now been welcomed by Intuit into the prestigious “Elite Member Tier”.


Our team of Product Specialists help our clients select and implement the best software solutions for their business. We also offer staff education, training, and ongoing support as needed.

ebs Consulting to Guide You Through QuickBooks

We provide professional expertise and guidance to address and resolve the common business and financial challenges companies face within the current market landscape.

ebs Training to Maximize the Power of QuickBooks

ebs Associates regularly holds classes, events and training seminars for bookkeepers, business owners and financial professionals. Courses are open to all skill levels and are designed to help improve the use of financial technology in the workplace.

Data Migrations

With our deep product and accounting knowledge, we ensure a smooth transition when upgrading or switching software applications, giving you peace of mind that all existing data is intact and accounts are accurate. Our team provides seamless data migrations to comprehensively move your data to QuickBooks so you don’t miss a beat.

Data Conversions

With our deep product and accounting knowledge, we ensure a smooth transition when upgrading or switching software applications, giving you peace of mind that all existing data is intact and accounts are accurate.

File Review

We ensure client financial data is complete and accurate, through full data file review, analysis, and clean-up services to help locate and correct discrepancies, errors in the general ledger, and account balances and transaction history.

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