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What’s a QSP?

The QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP) program is offered by Intuit to its trusted partners, as an opportunity to better serve direct and indirect clients.

The QSP program allows its members to provide ongoing and significant discounts on all Intuit products, including versions of QuickBooks, and QuickBooks add-ons.

As an Elite level member within the provider program, ebs receives direct product support, updates, and resources from Intuit, as well as product discounts only available when purchased through a QSP vs. directly from Intuit.


Why purchase QuickBooks through a QSP?

As an Elite QuickBooks Solution (QSP), we are able to provide discounts on Intuit products, and expert recommendations on QuickBooks solutions. Our team is continuously informed of QuickBooks product sales, deals, and discounts that as an Elite QSP, only we can provide to our clients.

When you purchase your QuickBooks solution through a QSP, you’ll be able to save money on Intuit products that are key to your business success. In addition to product discounts and deals, you gain a team of QuickBooks experts who are here to help you succeed.

Our team of accounting professionals will help you find the best Intuit products and solution for your unique business, guide you through implementation, and provide ongoing support so you can maximize your QuickBooks. .

More than a QSP.

In addition to being an elite solution provider of Intuit products, our team is a Diamond level ProAdvisor within the QuickBooks network.

Our team has worked hard to gain numerous years of experience, honing our expertise in accounting, and knowledge of QuickBooks to provide this level of service to our clients.

Being recognized as a Diamond level ProAdvisor, solidifies our experience and our standing with QuickBooks as a trusted advisor.


A Lasting Accounting Partnership

Expert QuickBooks Guidance

Utilize our team of QuickBooks gurus to select the best platform for your business.

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Unparalleled Discounts

Make smarter accounting product purchases by working with our team identify and purchase your QuickBooks solution.

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Technical Support

Get the best possible technical support in your implementation process, as well as ongoing.

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Your trusted QuickBooks advisor – knowledge, expertise, guidance.

We’ll handle your accounting, so you can get back to running your business. Bringing together our QuickBooks expertise, accounting knowledge, and business savvy to instill financial order in your business.

From strategic financial consulting, to more tactical, everyday accounting services, our team is well-versed in making accounting run smoothly for clients of varying sizes.

A Team of QuickBooks Gurus Who Are Invested in Your Business Success.

Our team of accounting professionals is passionate about helping our clients establish and sustain effective, highly functional financial infrastructures into their businesses. ebs accounting professionals have a deep product knowledge in the full suite of Intuit products, QuickBooks accounting software, and application integrations, that help inform smarter accounting decisions.

Getting Started
How We Can Help.

Learn Your Business
Our team will take the time to really understand your business. From an initial discovery call, to doing our own research – we’ll learn the ins and outs of your company, so we can set you up with the best recommendation possible.

Make A Recommendation
Based on what we learn, our team will put our heads together to come up with the most cost efficient QuickBooks solution to meet your business needs.

Complete Implementation
Upon purchasing your QuickBooks solution, our team is here for you if you need us. We’ll complete implementation to ensure you get QuickBooks setup right the first time.

Provide Ongoing Support
As your business grows, our team is here to support you. We’ll help you continue to maximize your QuickBooks solution to ensure you’re getting an optimal ROI on an ongoing basis.

Elite QuickBooks Solution Provider

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