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Bento For Business

Build A QuickBooks Ecosystem that Empowers Your Business
Bento for Business enables gas or fuel cards, expense cards, employee cards, project cars, petty cash cards; and syncs with QuickBooks!

A better way to manage your employee expenses.

Bento For Business provides a single platform that allows you to manage your business spending. Start managing your expenses smarter, faster, and more effectively.

Make the most of Bento for business

  • Gas or fuel cards
  • Expense cards
  • Employee cards
  • Project cards
  • Petty cash cards

Build your QuickBooks® ecosystem with custom applications.

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How Bento helps your business.

Peace of Mind

Whether you're at your desk or on your phone, Bento allows you to manage controls for each card - before it is used. Set limits and categories per card, get important alerts of unauthorized spending, and upload receipts fo any transaction.

Pre-funded Cards

Pay ahead when you need to, on your terms, to keep spending in your control. Order new Bento cards with the click of a button, activate or deactivate Bento cards instantly, set spending limits and purchase categories.

Interactive Spending Dashboard

Know where your money is being spent, in real-time, all the time. Customize alerts to quickly track expenses and avoid unexpected expenses at the end of the month.

Streamlined Bookkeeping

Bento provides ease of expense reporting with automation. Export transactions, set custom tags, and automate monthly statements.

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Empowering Business Success

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